Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mooncake Foods, New York, NY, USA

Someone at work told me yesterday that he waited 20 minutes to get a sandwich at Mooncake Foods, which I've now established as the 4th commandment: you shouldn't have to wait in line longer than it takes you to eat the sandwich. I've passed by Mooncake Foods many times but never was too interested as to what is inside; I figured it was bad Thai food. But the talk of long waits for a sandwich made me go and see what the Big Funky Deal was.

I got the first sandwich listed on the menu, which was the Steak & Peppers Sandwich with garlic dill mayo for $7.50. I waited only about 5 minutes and just sat on the bench outside enjoying the nice Spring weather. The lady gave me the bag and I was surprised by its heft. Sure enough, this sandwich was stuffed to the gills with hangar steak.

The bread for this sandwich was its strength. Chewy yet crispy. And the roasted red peppers were tangy and provided a good counterbalance to the steak. Now to the steak. ...

I never thought I'd say this but there was too much steak in the sandwich for me. I think this is because hangar steak tends to have a unique flavor owing to this particular cut of beef being close to the kidneys on the animal. Enough! Ok, no more slaughterhauser talk but I find that it is possible to get your fill of hangar steak rather quickly.

The garlic dill mayo was decent but too salty.

All in all, the sandwich was good but was a little too much to handle at times because of the hangar steak gut blitz and overall saltiness.

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