Thursday, February 25, 2010

BB Sandwich Bar, New York, NY, USA

This place is an oddity. I believe that these pseudo-cheesesteaks are prepared ahead of time. The dry, crusty roll that they're served on has led me to this theory. I'm not even sure the steaks are cooked up on a flattop. This place has me questioning what a cheesesteak is, which has me confused and a little angry.

The cheesesteaks here all are served in one way, and this would be fine if they were incredibly good, but sadly, they're not. The patty-like steak is dense and the cheese appears to be white American, which is ok unless you don't like white American. It is my opinion that American cheese is for children. The special relish/ketchup is a nice twist and adds a good touch of acid, but if the highlight of the sandwich is the special sauce, then something has gone very wrong.

They sell cupcakes but should refocus on the the cash cow here. The people here are friendly and pleasant.

Commandment #3 has been determined as a result from my experience eating here over time: the bread is the most important part of the sandwich.

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