Saturday, April 7, 2012

Graham Avenue Meats, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Sultan of Sandwich
Some friends of mine live over in Greenpoint but it took me about 3 years to realize that Graham Avenue Meats is actually two blocks from their house. The blogosphere has already had its way with this place so I'll keep it short: I have to tell you that the Willie's Italiano is the best italian combo I've had. You know you're in good shape when asked if you want the sandwich 1) hot 2) mild or 3) sweet. Who knew that there were such options?

I'm not sure what Millie told Willie. Perhaps the difference in this sandwich may be the pepper oil and the thin slices of the smoked provolone that go along with a minimalist offering of the big 3 of italian meats. Whatever it is, this place nails it. The guys are fun to talk to as well.

I also got a roast beef and mozzarella, super good also.

The Captains of Wordpress are right on this one: mind-numbingly delicious and an inspiration, much like the spirit of Christ to an organist.

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