Thursday, February 25, 2010

City Sub, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Sultan of Sandwich
This is the juggernaut of sandwich shops. Never once have been disappointed by the foodfare here. The rolls are top notch, the deli cuts are good, and the combinations are endless. Hot/cold, toasted/untoasted. The only fault I could ever find with City Sub is that the sandwiches tend to taste similar despite the many variations of cuts, cheese, and toppings.

My wife is infamous for special ordering (a true New Yorker) and our marriage hit a rough patch when she asked for a meatball sandwich here without bread. I just ate the bread and she the meatballs, because this place is where you don't special order. My brother and close friends are disciples of City Sub in the way that older folks in small towns gather at McDonald's for a coffee klatch. Week in, week out, like Rotary Club. The reason for this is simple: when you know what's good there's no reason to mess around.

The toppings are extensive and are of good quality. The pickled jalapenos are good enough to eat by themselves. The prices are very reasonable (ranging ~$5 for sandwiches on a roll and ~$8 for a hero) and thus equates to good value. This has resulted in some long lines and wait times, but it is still worth it. I feel that the operation could be streamlined to get people through the line faster, but only the ghost of W Edwards Deming could know for sure.

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