Saturday, April 7, 2012

JoJu, Elmhurst, New York, USA

I went here based on a recommendation from a friend from work, who knows the Jackson Heights/Elmhurst area well since she grew up here. Banh Mi is genre of sandwich that is hard to go wrong with, you just gotta make sure the bread is good and you're halfway there. Even the cafeteria where I work serves up some Banh Mi from time to time with success. JoJu goes far beyond your typical Banh Mi fare with some amazingly creative sandwiches.

Being the glutton that I am, I actually ordered three for takeout: 1) the classic 2) pork belly and 3) beef bulgogi. And they had black milk bubble tea which was about as refreshing as the spring rain.

These sandwiches, at least for me, are exotic. The classic had ham, pate, and head cheese. Interestingly, the ham was as offal-ly (?) as the headcheese, and even the Breslin would have a hard time mimicking that good old nose-to-tail gut-check. I have to admit I had to take a breather here and there. The pork belly was pure melted pork fat, and it was delicious when combined with the crispy baguette. Unlike any sandwich I ever had. The bulgogi was the most mainstream tasting of the three, which was delicious also but I didn't get that full Korean flavor from the meat.

A great place if you're feeling in the mood to break out of the cycle of standard Banh Mi offerings. I'd like to go back soon for the Lemongrass Chicken.

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