Thursday, February 25, 2010

'wichcraft Tribeca, New York, NY, USA

I didn't know this was a junior member of the Tom Colicchio global syndicate until I did some research after my sandwich there (no trip to Bobst needed). I wanted to know why it was so expensive so I looked into it. Yes, I know now, 'craft', don't you get it, maaaan? My only conclusion is that the high price is to convey the perception of high quality ingredients.

As is normal in this part of the states, the freezing rain was blowing sideways through my coat so I wanted a warm sandwich. I had the roasted pork sandwich which was turned out to be cold -- rather one side was cold and the other room temperature. The sandwich made me feel colder. The limonata I had with it was luke warm so in a way they balanced each other out.

Good work on the ciabatta roll. I really liked the addition of red cabbage and diced jalapenos. The pork itself was average --definitely nothing to write home about-- and chilly. Man's quest for hot pork should never be denied, even by Tom Colicchio.

The bill was $13 for the sandwich and the limonata. The limonata itself was $2.40. As I contemplated this I finally warmed up from the smoke blowing out of my ears. As Johnny Rotten once said at the last Sex Pistols concert:

Commandment #2 has been created based on 'wichcraft's prices: a sandwich should never cost more than $8 (to be adjusted for inflation yearly).

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