Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sapori D'Ischia, Woodside, NY, USA

To our surprise, this restaurant is in a food warehouse, and I've come to learn that the restaurant was opened as a secondary business within. There are many food options here but I'll concentrate on the panini.

I have always felt that panini is a lesser sandwich. Often times a sandwich of poor quality can be pressed between two hot steel plates in order to mask the overall inferiority of the food, resulting in a oozing, cheesy slab. I now know that I am wrong; this is not the case at Sapori D'Ischia. The bread was light and crispy, the prosciutto was superior, and the cheese distinctly and pleasantly pungent. A little hot pepper for zing and acid as well as some arugula to finish it off. This sandwich is truly more than the sum of its parts.

And better yet, upon leaving I picked up a pound of pancetta.

One side note: long ago Frank Bruni had a piss fit over the fact that Sapori D'Ischia doesn't offer tap water. All I ask is: who needs water when you have wine? Please take this quiz and let me know when complete.

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