Thursday, April 8, 2010

DEMOTED! Mooncake Foods, New York, NY, USA

I went back to Mooncake Foods because the last time I was there I saw that they offered a pulled pork sandwich, which I'm a big fan of in general. Actually more than a fan, I'm a veritable slave to the rhythm of a good pork sandwich.

Tread softly, Mooncake Foods, because you tread on my dreams!

The Pulled Pork Sandwich with curry lime sauce had so much potential but it was simply disappointing. The braised meat turned the sandwich into a soggy mess. The pork was decent but tallowy. The curry lime sauce was good but overall the sandwich began to remind me of what I didn't like about the steak sandwich I had there; the flavors started strong out of the gate but slowly became vaguely and distantly unpleasant. That makes 2 out of 2 sandwiches from Mooncake Foods that I really didn't feel like finishing, which now makes me say 'Skip the Trip'.

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