Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Espresso Little Italian Market, Sag Harbor, NY, USA

Sultan of Sandwich
I don't know much about the Hamptons so the family decided to go check it out last week (Verdict: I still don't know what to think about the Hamptons). Rented a house, hired a baby sitter, and my wife and I decided to ride some bikes out to the Channing Daughters Winery. Before doing anything, sandwiches were in order.

The name Espresso is nonsensical to me (it's like calling your coffee shop Pastrami) but it has a good reputation.

To be on the safe side I ordered the Espresso Combo, which is Salami, Fresh Mozz, Ham Cappicola, Fontina, Provolone, Lettuce, Tomato, and Peppers. I was happy to see the 'nice price' of $7.25. The bread was amazing, though it did cut the roof of my mouth a bit, much like Captain Crunch tends to do when it hasn't soaked in the milk long enough. I ate about half of the sandwich because we were going to ride bikes.

I saved the other half and ate off of it for two days. It was the gift the kept on giving.

Free Sample
The sandwiches have this special dressing on the side which is akin to Italian salad dressing but orangish in color. It was great. Really added the acid and made the sandwich sloppy (a good thing). The greatest sandwich sadness I've had in some time was packing up the other half of the sandwich and leaving the dressing behind. I couldn't risk dressing spillage in my bag on my bike trip. Imagine a wine tasting smelling like that! That's not good etiquette no matter how you look at it.

My wife got her namesake, the "Annie B" which had Roast Beef, melted mozz, and red peppers. This sandwich was a little basic but good nonetheless.

Junior High school was let out just as we were sitting down. 20 tweens invaded the place and though incredibly disruptive, they were all surprisingly courteous and nice to each other. I even saw one young man give some money to another without prompting. In my day, your main goal in Junior High was to belittle and marginalize the other. Every man for himself and God against all was the law of the jungle at Blevins Junior High School in 1986!

They sell foccacia (which looked great) and pizza. And wraps, to my dismay. To me, eating a wrap is like eating a paper towel tube filled with talcum powder. Quite an error in judgement to be pushing that fodder but you'll be fine if you stick with the real deal.

Espresso, I'd like to dub you a Sultan of Sandwich.

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