Friday, February 26, 2010

Lamazou, New York, NY, USA

Sultan of Sandwich
I used to work two blocks away from Lamazou and used to go twice a week. It bills itself as a cheese shop first and foremost, which bodes well for my upcoming trip to Leo's Latticini. The cheese and meats are all imported from Europe and are not your typical selections by any means. We're talking 10,000 light years Beyond Boar's Head (BBH).

The first choice offered to you is a half sandwich or whole sandwich and your type of bread. A whole sandwich is plenty. I've usually went for ciabatta or the baguette, both breads of outstanding quality here. The specialty sandwiches I'm sure are all top rate but I've primarily focused on the Italico (Mortadella, Salami), Milano (Salami), Lamoretti (Roast Beef) or Parisian (Ham and Swiss). All incredible.

Two sandwiches that I've not had but heard great things about are the Butterfly (pate) and the Smart Duck (duck). These are what I will eat when I return for a special trip. My vegetarian co-worker and friend Jen had many sandwiches to choose from here as well.

I've found the soups to be ordinary, but these sandwiches are among the best in New York. The owners Aziz and his wife are super nice folks.

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