Friday, February 26, 2010

Yellow Sub, Fort Collins, CO, USA

Yellow Sub is probably the first sandwich shop that I ever saw. At the time I thought that the Beatles were somehow involved in the operation of the place, but sometimes a 5 year old kid will make outrageous connections. I think my mom took me there once growing up.

However, it was when I was going back to Fort Collins for Christmas vacation while living in New York did I start frequenting this place based on the recommendation of my friend Kelly. It was then that I learned just how great a sandwich the owner Frank makes. Frank makes every single one of the subs himself.

The bread is unlike any other bread you're likely to have. Some like it, others might find that it can get a bit soggy. I personally think it is fantastic--light, airy, almost lighter than air. The deli cuts are above average with one unique fixin' that borders on genius: a combined fine mince of onion, hot pepper, and pickle.

The various sizes accommodate all appetites (4", 6", 8" or 12"). I've been getting footlongs recently and while they are nearly impossible to finish, the flavor of the sandwich combined with a big foam cup of Pepsi just makes it happen. The sub practically eats itself. Fries are served which are better than McDonald's. I've been with 3 people here once and the entire tab was under $20, so this is the sweet spot for value.

There's a sign at the register at Yellow Sub stating: "If you get you order in less than 15 minutes, it will be a miracle!" It should be noted that this sign is about 20 years old, so it can be concluded that this warning hasn't stopped many people from returning.

I couldn't care less about decor in general, but the stripped down atmosphere here completes the experience. Yellow tables in a chiaroscuro cave of dark brown wood trim, looking much the same as it did the day the shop opened in this location back in the 70s. These are indeed the days.

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