Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hula Popper!: Bridgeview Tavern, Sleepy Hollow, NY

I haven't written about sandwiches in two years but I just had something that made me think about the good old days when a sandwich could change your outlook on the day.  Now and then, an idea is presented by someone that is simply a stroke of genius, only to alienate the ignorant, and end up like Copernicus or Prometheus.  A pioneer who got scalped.

Not so here.  I had a sandwich that broke through the barriers of incomprehension and at the same time made this old man very happy:

A deconstructed jalepeno popper sandwich.

Hide your kids, hide your wives.  This thing will wreck your home in a whirlwind of flavor.

I spoke to the owner (or someone perhaps close to the owner) and he said that, while it is a not on the regular menu and considered a special, he sells a about a hundred of them a week.  No surprise here.

The goods:

- Brioche bun
- Thinly cut, panko coated, lightly fried chicken breast
- Pickled jalapeno
- Bacon
- Some kind of crazy creamy cheddar cheese (CCCC) sauce.

The owner told that me that he had perfected the art of keeping the cheese sauce from curdling was with the use of sodium phosphate (I think!).  Now I'm not entirely sure if this was the compound (I also had two pints of lager rendering my mind compromised) so don't go around dumping this in your fondue as you might really regret it.  I'm just telling stories about sandwiches, not dispensing advice on chemical compounds!

Anyhow, this thing was so good that I'm naming the Deconstructed Jalepeno Popper sandwich from Bridgeview Tavern the best sandwich of 2015!

In closing, a good sandwich inspires innovation and here's an idea for the future: Japanese Curry Pork Katsu sandwich.  Pork fritter, Japanese Curry, and pickled Daikon on the above brioche roll.

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