Friday, December 13, 2013

Main Bar Sandwich Shop, Sarasota, FL, USA

One on my favorite sandwich shops of all time, The Yellow Sub in Fort Collins, now exists only in my memory but I just had a sandwich that made me shake my head in disbelief.  It tasted almost the same as Frank's old sandwiches: same bread, chopped pickle/pepper relish and thinly sliced onion.

This joint was started by retired circus performers in 1958 and resembles your average narrow diner on the inside with old pictures of Ringling stars.  But make no mistake - you won't find any home fries here.  This is sandwich country and the Famous Italian is the best sandwich I've had in months.  I got a double and washed it down with two refills of Mr. Pibb.  I also ate my kid's roast beef sandwich and that was some excellent quality RB.  Someone has got to be the glutton.  I glanced behind the counter and noticed the cold cuts and relish piled high.  Looks like everyone gets relish and onion with your Italian, like it or not.  Which is good because you'd be fool to make any alterations to this sandwich.

It's only been an hour but I'm ready for another one.  I'm going back tomorrow.

Sultan of Sandwich, no question.

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